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The conference venue on May 15-16, 2018


Update of the 2nd edition of the Guide to application of the Machinery Directive

The update of the 2nd edition of the Guide to application of the Machinery Directive was published on July 19. The updated edition 2.1 includes amendments made to the Machinery Directive by the Directive 2009/127/EC on Pesticide Equipment and the Regulation (EU) No. 167/2013 on the approval and market surveillance of agricultural and forestry vehicles (Tractors).

Furthermore, edition 2.1 amends and clarifies particular sections (e.g. about partly completed machinery or “assemblies”).

The updated edition 2.1 is complemented by a new last section, “Specific guidance documents”, containing key guidance decisions of the Machinery Working Group (e.g. about emergency stop devices). §254 (Instructions), §255 (The form of the instructions) and §256 (The language of the instructions) do not contain any changes or only a few minor changes. §246, regarding the official languages of the EU, has minor changes.

The updated guide is available free of charge here. So far it has only been available in English. Versions in other languages will follow.

A general overview of the Machinery Directive and its guidance documents and notified bodies is given by the European Commission at here.

A current list of harmonized standards is available at