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National and International Expert Speakers

... will share their experiences and best practices with solutions for China-specific challenges.


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The Conference Venue:Meliá Shanghai Hongqiao

Taishan Meeting Room | Hengshan Meeting Room | Songshan Meeting Room


Agenda May 8


Registration & Exhibition

Opening and Welcome

Jianzhong Gao

Dynamic Publication of Intelligent Information

Ulrike Parson

Tea & Coffee Break

Creating Company Termbase – The Mindray Example

Prof. Klaus Dirk Schmitz & Jin Liu

Information Behavior and User Support

Zhijun Gao

Lunch Break & Exhibition

Interactive Session (zh)

Building the Next Generation of Dynamic Content Delivery Systems

Brian Buehling

Building an Information Development Team in China

Edison Ni, Sandra Yin, Keith Vicek

Writing on and for DITA Online—A project-based TC teaching practice at...

May Li

Intelligent Information in the Era of Conversation as a Platform

Jianhua Dong

TC Transformation

Lisha Zhang

Tea & Coffee Break

(Presentation 2017) From Static Books to Dynamic Semantic Publishing...

Fabrice Lacroix

Neglected Documents – MetaDoc

High efficiency in documentation projects is a hot topic for documentation project managers. They hope to foresee risks, prepare well for issues, deliver quality documents and get high satisfaction from audiences or customers.

Overcoming Technical Communication Pain Points for Chinese Companies...

Joshua Hughman

Global Content Marketing

Jofa Shang, Patrick Liu