tcworld China 2018 on May 15-16 in Shanghai

... the premier gathering event for all decision-makers and specialists in the field of technical communication in China!

National and international expert speakers

... will share their experiences and best practices with solutions for China-specific challenges.

150 TD engineers, technical writers

...development leaders, information designers, content architects, ... are expected.

The conference venue on May 15-16, 2018



Intelligent Information in the Era of Conversation as a Platform

The world and technology is again transforming people’s lives and the way people interact with information.

People are shifting away from PCs and to mobile apps and devices and engage in a natural and intuitive way. New technology disruptions such as artificial intelligence, big data, and internet of things heralds in the era of conversation as a platform. But how well are we prepared for this wave of digital revolution?

In this session, you’ll learn real-world examples that embrace intelligent information - Microsoft virtual agent, to provide people searching for answers and solutions with a natural conversational experience and reduced need for human intervention. We’ll then explore into a structured, heuristic, and machine learning approach that deliver on that intelligent information experience.