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36 National and International Expert Speakers

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The Conference Venue:

2F, Grand Ballroom, Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World 上海新世界丽笙大酒店园景楼2楼大宴会厅


Overcoming Technical Communication Pain Points for Chinese Companies Going Global

How can China overcome the 'Made in China' bias? What are the core differences in culture and expectations affecting documentation? Is it possible to find qualified, professional, native-language writers in China – and if yes, what can your company do to keep them?

Robin Lin once said, 'If China wants to become a real leader in innovation, it faces two challenges: one is language and the other is culture". This session will address the unique issues that Chinese companies face when creating technical documentation suitable for global markets.

Leveraging his many years of experience working with Chinese companies, Joshua Hughman of CSOFT International, will propose concrete solutions to help businesses adjust strategies to succeed in the global market.