tcworld China 2018 on May 15-16 in Shanghai

... the premier gathering event for all decision-makers and specialists in the field of technical communication in China!

32 national and international expert speakers

... will share their experiences and best practices with solutions for China-specific challenges.

200 TD engineers, technical writers

...development leaders, information designers, content architects, ... are expected.

The conference venue on May 15-16, 2018



Sponsored Workshop: FrameMaker 2017 – From 0 to 100 in 90 minutes

In this workshop Stefan Gentz, Adobe Worldwide TechComm Evangelist will guide you through the concepts of Adobe FrameMaker 2017.

 We will start with the basic concepts, create our own templates including your own set of formatting styles, create a book with chapters, Table of Contents and Index, make use of cross-references, variables and conditional text and publish the book as PDF and Responsive HTML5. We will than move on to the concept of structured authoring and XML based content based on DITA. After this workshop you will be able to create you technical documentation with both classic and structured FrameMaker.