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Taming a Wild Animal of Taxonomy and Metadata

As Chinese companies are beginning a journey of embracing structured authoring approach to

theirs technical documentation process, regardless adoption of XML or even better DITA XML,

inevitably they run into an interesting phenomena of navigating tons of information types and

determining metadata.

There is however, no established practice as to how a company could best determine Metadata for a specific information type or information use scenario. This presentation reveals some of the findings along with the metadata and taxonomy implementation journey in a 16-person Chinese tech writing team. It explores ways to implement a metadata strategy and practice that is effective and fun. This presentation covers the followings:

  • Taxonomy and metadata preparations –determine a product scope
  • Top level Taxonomy - Develop categories and subcategories based on function Detailed level Taxonomy design - Identify metadata, e.g. audience, permissions, and other
  • Keywords development- Develop keywords to help users find information

The primary audience for this presentation is tech pub managers who are tasked with building a structured authoring practice that involves XML.