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The Funktionsdesign® Method for Developer Documentation

What it is: the demands on developer documentation are increasing. In addition to the complete reference, explanatory and easy-to-understand texts are also desired.

Just how do you achieve this? Parameters better in a table or list? Code Snippets rather bold or monospace font? Where starts a new chapter and where a new paragraph? What information comes on the homepage and which explains the tutorial?

In this half-day workshop, methods are used to "design" documentation. The goal is to create a comprehensible and compact developer documentation for the API of an app in the team. From use cases, first ideas and mindmaps, a text is formed layer by layer. Funktionsdesign® helps to write the introduction, concepts, functions and tutorials meaningfully. If time remains, sample documentation brought along can be unpacked layer by layer inversely and checked for form and function. Function design ® is a method independent of tools. The workshop will not use or evaluate tools for the semi-automatic or fully automatic generation of documentation for an API.


For the active cooperation, a notebook with a text editor or simply a piece of paper and pencil.