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Automated UX

The future is here. The future is now. It is trendy to talk about AI, machine learning, chatbots, conversational UIs, localization, augmented and virtual realities, ... In an age of exponential growth, the future is coming faster and faster.

Information technology develops in a geometric progression. The advances in technology allow us to automate. Devices take decisions. Apps perform actions autonomously.

How does this look like from a user point of view? What does it mean for user interactions and experiences? Will users have free will and control or will they comply and follow? I can’t predict the future. I don’t think I can make a reasonable forecast. Still, I’ll take a chance and talk about what I think about the future of UX. When designing and building a product, it is easy to forget the users.

This talk is a reminder that the real purpose of our products is to help users be better at what they do.

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