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How to Successfully Manage Western Writing Teams in China

The Technical Writing industry is developing very quickly in China. Almost 10 years ago there were no professional technical writers in China, and no Technical Writing courses. However, as we can see at tcworld, there are now hundreds of well-educated Technical Writing professionals working across multiple industries within China – the real proof is the improvement in quality of the technical documentation at Chinese companies.

However, even with these improvements in the quality of the source Chinese and English documentation, there is still a huge need for both editing and content creation by native-English speakers.

This is something that poses a huge challenge to many Chinese companies. Do we hire internally or outsource? Do we look for resources in China or in our target countries? Then comes the real challenge – ‘As a Chinese company, how can we successfully manage a Western team (either internally or externally)?’ This is something that we see as being a huge problem for many Chinese companies, and so that is what we would like to discuss in our presentation. This presentation will discuss some of these problems and offer clear research supported solutions in how to overcome them.