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Optimization of the Translation Workflow and Efficiently Handling Formats and Tags When Translating XML Files

Introducing products and services to market can be a challenging task for businesses.

A large volume of content from the content management system(CMS), structured and formatted, such as brochures, operating manuals, embedded software and online help documents need for continuous multilingual localization for different target markets and audiences. The content to be translated goes from the CMS to the TMS and goes back. And they are usually composed of a large number of XML files containing many tags and untranslatable content, and the text may be mostly duplicated.

In addition to ensure terminology consistency and reuse of translation memory, then how can you quickly use monolingual references or unaligned bilingual documents? How to correctly handle the tags ,non-translated elements and formats? How to avoid mistakes caused by translation errors or number errors? How to shorten the translation cycle while ensuring translation quality.

In short, we are now facing complicated and very error-prone tasks. we need a comprehensive workflow that is as automated as possible.

The memoQ translation system has proven experience in managing project process automation and handling complex file formats and tag processing. We will demonstrate the superior performance of memoQ.