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Smart Conversational Agent for Lenovo Customer Care

Artificial Intelligence can contribute to the improvement of different processes in companies, for example, supply chain management or customer relationship management. Call centers play important roles for after sale customer care. Automated dialog systems, or chatbots, have the potential to greatly facilitate customer support and help desk services. Customer support and help desk services for consumer products such as mobile phones or computers are often very labor- and time-intensive, due to the technical nature of many customer questions and the complexity of the devices and their software. In many cases, resolving such issues is a multi-step process of determining the user’s problem and intent, and then guiding the user through potentially several issue resolution steps.

This talk will describe a multilingual and multimodal conversational agent for real world call centers. This conversational agent can on the one hand provide solutions to the trouble shooting and how-to questions and on the other hand deal with small talks and fact-based requests. The conversational agent was automatically learned from a large collection of the real world call center chats. This conversational agent is embedded in a comprehensive solution where human call center agents can interact with the automatic results.