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Workshop: Creating (machine) translation-friendly text for the localisation industry

Our customer is a manufacturer of mobile X-ray based imaging solutions. They created an operator manual and a service manual in Standard English. This manual, in turn, is to be translated into 7 other languages. This lecture will examine a short piece of text from our customer to illustrate how cost savings and substantial ROIs can be achieved by streamlining your technical content through the employment of sound technical English writing rules.

We will also present real numbers from our translation projects to highlight the practical benefits of applying controlled English writing rules to your documentation. Controlled language, or Simplified Technical English in this case, stresses on the use of unambiguous terminology where one word only has one meaning.

This lecture will demonstrate how optimum re-usability of technical terms on the word, phrase, and sentence levels is to be expected. The resulting text is much easier to translate which is especially relevant when machine translation is part of your localisation strategy.

In Shumin’s words: “The benefits of implementing and writing in Simplified Technical English (STE) are manifold – audience engagement through high-quality content, improved product safety, lower life cycle cost and reduced logistics footprint!”


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