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The Conference Venue:Meliá Shanghai Hongqiao

Taishan Meeting Room | Hengshan Meeting Room | Songshan Meeting Room


Workshop: Optimize content experience with user journey maps

This workshop focus on the application of User Journey Mapping in information design and content experiences. As the method of designing and analyzing users, the user journey mapping divides the use process into phases, detailing the users' goal, tasks, contacts, pain points, feelings, and opportunities to improve user experience at respective stage.When using the user journey map, the technology communicator needs first to do preliminary research to understand user needs and collect user feedback, based on which user roles will be created, which will be served as main bodies for effective analysis of user journey. User journey will be analyzed and sketched by the technical communication team for each and every main role. Application of empathy is requied to be used abundantly by the team to get into the shoe of user, thus extracting the user journey from a point-to-face approach.

This will make sense about where will be the easy cases and where the troublesome ones, shedding light on opportunities to improve user experience and come up with strategies to optimize products. Case studies will also be included in the presentation.


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