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Workshop: Why You Should Customize DITA, and How to Do it Easily

DITA is often perceived as too complex.

Authors are overwhelmed by the 600+ elements and 20+ attributes. But DITA was never meant to be used as is. You are supposed to use a subset of all the available elements and attributes - a subset that is tailored to your specific needs.

The unique characteristic of DITA is that you can change the standard without breaking it. You can even add semantics to DITA without any of the standard DITA tools choking on your content. None of the other technical communication standards (like DocBook or S1000D) allow you to use anything but the full standard. The problem with customizing DITA has always been that you needed a DTD specialist to do the work for you. With DITA 1.3, the basis for structure is expressed in a set of RelaxNG files, which make customization a lot easier.

This workshop shows you the basic techniques to include or exclude a domain, create constraints and even do specialisation. After taking this workshop, you will be able to make your DITA environment fit your content like a glove. Your authors will only see the DITA elements and attributes that make sense to them, and they will no longer be overwhelmed by DITA's complexity.

The biggest plus: your content will still be 100% compliant.