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Huawei on Board of the iiRDS Consortium

iiRDS is the new International Standard for Intelligent Information Request and Delivery. Since December 2017, Huawei has become a founding member of iiRDS Consortium. Together with other members, Huawei experts have been working on the iiRDS subproject adjacent standards.

Huawei on Board of the iiRDS Consortium

There has been a long and fruitful cooperation between tekom and Huawei: At the Huawei TC Forum 2018 with around 450 participants, Dr. Michael Fritz, CEO of tekom and the iiRDS Consortium, introduced the challenge of Industrie 4.0 and smart manufacturing, how iiRDS can support information exchange between various companies and showed the iiRDS user stories from user, service technician and plant perspective.

Huawei as well aims to introduce the iiRDS standard to face the challenge of adjusting their information products to their product update, as Helen Yihong, information architect of Huawei already mentioned in her article. SmartInfo is a methodology that applies software engineering principles to analyze information requirements, design information architecture, and define information models. Market segments and customized products require customized information product. Driven by higher user requirements for information experience, information needs to deliver the optimal content for specific roles and scenarios in a way that is interactive, dynamic, and in real time.

This is where iiRDS comes in. iiRDS operates from two different sides: requesting and delivering intelligent information between individual and independent companies. To make it happen, a new format of creating context by using metadata is necessary.Metadata identify the object whether it is a machine, device or plant, recognize the users’ role, task, clearances or work scenarios and spot the operational status or events. Thus, metadata can establish the context between single topics and can define the right topic out of a whole bulk of topics.

In practice, this means that companies can easily manage their information from one single source, supply many customers with the information product they require, and customers can also easily integrate information product from many different manufacturers. Information is specified to the exact use case and individualized for the person who needs it.

SmartInfo and iiRDS will support Huawei to be ready for the transformation towards the digital world, which is also good reason for Huawei to get more involved in iiRDS in the near future.

Get more information and download the first version on the iiRDS website.